Email based reminder service for tax related deadlines and other types of events, developed for the tax office Wekel, Strasser und Kollegen. The notification system respects such aspects as holidays, work days and leap years and is fully configurable. Online since 2010.

MetaPublisher is a Zope application, among other things to develop web applications, process data and connect incompatibles. MetaPublisher can serve both as a tool for specific tasks or as a foundation for complex systems. First publicly presented in 2000 at the Eighth International Python Conference, Washington DC.

The topic of color bundled in one website with links to further web resources. For each color, the name, a description, color values in different color systems, chroma and variations, and other information is provided.

Useful information about the golden ratio and other metallic numbers. Among other things, quantities can be calculated and visualized by means of various parameters, which help to use generally appealing measurements in the design.