Foto von Sebastian F. Lühnsdorf

I taught myself programming on a TRS-80, helped build up one of the first ISPs of Berlin and create Berlin‘s first English language city guide, part of the network. I created an automated titling system for TV, seen by up to 2 billion people daily, created databases for medical research that saved unborn lives, and created multiple custom taylored top security user portals for high profile enterprises. And I invented the MetaPublisher concept.

I love to learn anything and am always happy to teach, assist, and help. I am loyal, collegial and have experience leading a team. I enjoy both frontend design and software engineering. I love to freestyle webdesign, to innovate with CSS and JQuery and to tinker with AI, VR and UI/UX. I very much love Zope, Python‘s killer app from the early days. I believe in and obsessively utilize the Golden Mean, especially in graphic design. I am passionate about clean design.